80m Iconic SX80 Superyacht Interiors - Master Cabin


Client: AYD

Focus: Concept, Yacht Interior Design, Design, Luxury Interiors, Luxury Yacht, Exclusive Furniture, Art for Yachts

While designing Iconic SX80, the main goal was to create sleek and masculine exteriors combined with a bold and feminine interior design details to prove that polarised design languages can work together to impress people in a visually exciting way. Therefore we selected master cabin to showcase our understanding of design language for this yacht in bold features. Hence the biggest challenge was to keep interior design in a most possible way that is –– plastic free –– in equipment & finishes that we supply to draw attention to the climate change and to remind industry that we are responsible of what we create.

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Design Leads: Rumeysa Aris

Tech Leads: Azurite Yacht Design

Design: Azurite Yacht Design

Development: Azurite Yacht Design


1 Place Ville Marie, 21st floor / Montreal, Quebec  H3B 2C6 / Canada

New York

55 Washington St. / 5th Floor Brooklyn / NY 11201